c21web builds small to medium, targeted and efficient websites for businesses.
Designed to make your business look professional and diligent, all sites are built from the ground up to incorporate the latest tools to help the presentation and marketing of your business.
Marketing email, specialist quote systems, bespoke ecommerce solutions are all part of a system to grow your business.

And then I add some magic.



95% Perspiration
5% inspiration Magic


What a website should give you:

 A strong appeal to existing and new customers.
 The ability to use cost effective internet marketing.
 A reasonable place and rank on local Google.
and… to look tiptop.

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How my websites give you that:

Building the site 
Understand from you what your customers want, and give it to them
Get your site found on Google with local, organic (free) search.
Help you reach out to your customers to market in alternative ways.





Here is some work I have done:

A large variety from Play Schools to Driving Schools, Rentals to Restaurants. Please follow the link and see for yourself.


I could do your site. Lets talk. 01424 863 865


How I work

Well, how I usually work, but things change. Normally the work goes something like this:
You phone and ask about websites. I do my best to answer but you can only go so far on a phone.

We arrange a meeting either in my studio in St Leonards, or anywhere more convenient for you. Here I listen to your ideas and suggest some of my own. We agree a price.

I do a mockup of your new website, (usually only the front page is fully done). You have a look at this, wherever you may be and after a discussion we go ahead. Or not. (the Or not bit is very rare). It’s all free to now.
This is when you decide to go forward or not. You pay a deposit as agreed and we agree a date you want the site up and running.

I work on the real site, keeping you updated as you want, and when finished we discuss, change, edit and fine tune things. This can happen several times; the important thing is getting it right.

We agree when it is done, I make it go live and it is out there in the world.

For the next 6 months I’m around keeping an eye on it, changing small things and adjusting the SEO. 

There is more (with some boring legal) detail here and here.

Call 01424 863 865 to talk about what I can do for you.


A little bit of useful stuff.

I make small business websites in St Leonards, East Sussex, just by Hastings. I’m based in my own studio on buzzy Norman Road where I have been making websites for 6 years.

I use WordPress to build sites with because it is versatile, powerful and easy for other people to understand and use. Other than that please ask. I’m reasonably user friendly. And like helping.



In case you are wondering: this site is very simple and plain because tests show that is what works. People don’t want flashing lights, changing colours or videos of odd men shouting ‘Buy me!’ at them. People want information. That’s it.

You know you want to…Call 01424 863 865 to arrange a meeting.