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On the web you have hundreds of competitors.
stand out.

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How You can Stand out

Getting your website built by a local web designer.

Lots of people want to deal with a local web designer they can actually talk to, and explain just what they want.

I’m a web designer in Hastings, Sussex and many of my clients are local.
We talk and meet up to make great websites.

If you are local and want to talk to someone, let’s meet up.

This lets make you a better website; the local, personal touch.

Get seen Locally,
where most of your clients are.

What can I build for you?

A New Website

A new website designed for you, that works on all formats, phones to desktops, (responsive), and shows you and your business in the best light. SEE MORE>>

A One Page Website

A one page, budget, brochure website to shout out and supplement Social Media, very useful for one man bands whose customers use smartphones mostly. SEE MORE>>

A Refurbished Website

Sometimes you want to keep the core but update and ‘service’ an existing site. I’ll tweak the content and make all tech/software is fully up to date. SEE MORE>>

A new Landing Page

Usually the home page, visitors spend from 5 to 8 seconds here while they decide whether to explore the site.
This page has to sell you, and getting it right is important. SEE MORE>>

And when it's built


Advice and help on marketing from no marketing to full blown on-line ad campaigns SEE MORE>>

Social Media

How to run business pages in the right social media for you. Content generation, advertising SEE MORE>>


Stay technically up to date, backed up and hacker/spam free. Make the most of your investment by looking after it SEE MORE>>

Call 07840 779 161 to find out more.

Or go to the inquiry form, fill in the bits you want to and we can have a chat. The form is HERE