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Tour Director website
Roofer website
Photographer website
Italian Coffee website
Play group website Hastings
Playgroups website
Yoga retreat website sussex
Retreats website
international tour guide training website
Tourism training website
historic towns and sites website
History website
Holiday Cottage website
Dance website Sussex
Dance Festival website
Physiotherapy health website Bexhill
Physiotherapy website
Voiceover artist Sussex Hastings
Voiceover artist website

Tour Operator

Tour Guide website

Successfully persuading very nice tourists that where they are is amazing, and that they will be there soon.

Client happiness level: Cuddly

Roofer and Builder

Ace one page site which lets these guys do what they do amazingly well, for more people.

Client happiness level: Through the roof.

Commercial Photographer

Bright (really) one page site for commercial photographer for mostly web and ecommerce work.

Client Happiness level: Saying 'cheese' a lot

Italian Coffee

Just says it don't it? Best coffee in the world, And now many many more people will know. Good huh?

Client Happiness level: Buzzy.


Play group website Hastings

A focus for local kids and mums, especially busy in the school hols to keep 'em occupied!

Client Happiness level: constructively playful

Yoga and mindfulness retreat

Yoga retreat website sussex

A booking site for a range of retreats. Amazingly busy, booked up 2 years in advance.

Client Happiness level: well chilled

Tour Guide Training

international tour guide training website

A training brochure site for guides in unusual eastern places guiding rich westerners. A Good Idea.

Client Happiness guide: in foreign, but good. I think.

Historic towns and sites, Kent

historic towns and sites website

Really interesting website about the historic ports along the Kent coast: some ports are now 20 miles inland!

Client Happiness level: historically high.

Holiday Cottage

Fantastic old cottage in Hastings Old Town which has (honest) hundreds of return clients. Top cottage.

Client Happiness level: full capacity reached

Dance Competition

Dance website Sussex

Annual listings and entry forms site for a dance competition. Run in tandem with social media.

Client happiness level: Leaping with joy.


Physiotherapy health website Bexhill

Website establishing credential and availability of physiotherapist. One main landing page for predominant mobile use.

Client happiness level: Cracking site.

Voiceover artist

Voiceover artist Sussex Hastings

Bit niche this one, but a great site. Bio, background and recorded examples of work

Client happiness level: Telling everybody