Using Social Media for

Or a quick run through of Social media and how to use it.

An Explanation

Let me explain

Social media has two main functions, both very useful rather than crucial.

1) getting your website connected and recognized by Google to improve your position.

2) Getting recognition and visits from targeted groups of potential customers.

Your Choices

Let me help you chose

Deciding which platforms to use is important. Different businesses have varying clients, and you want to get the most with the least effort.

I can help you decide which of the main ones to use: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Let me help you plan

A plan is always a good idea. It doesn’t have to be wodges of database stuff, references and whatever. But a plan to remind you where you want to go, how you hope to get there, and where you are now.


Let me point you at it

Advertising can be very effective, but badly done is just a waste of money.
I’ll help target the groups you want to hit and make short, attention getting adverts that take them to your website.


Let me ‘art you up’

On request I’ll do the artwork for the top of whatever social media you choose to use. 
This can be a bit tricky, (but only a bit) as it has to fit horizontal and upright shapes. And be eye catching. And memorable.

Call 07840 779 161 to find out more.